Water Systems Working Their Way Back to Full Service

Area water systems are restarting service.  And they are finding leaks and burst pipes.  As your water service returns please remember to observe a boil advisory that is being issued by all systems.

The Town of Coushatta remains mostly without service, however there are scattered reports that the water is on.  On Sunday Mayor Cox told The Journal that he was told by his work crews that the aquifer had frozen.  Earlier the mayor said that there had been no leaks or broken pipes found.

The Social Springs Water System posted Saturday:  Wells are being shut down, will be back on between 9-9:30 in the morning (Sunday) and will run as long as they can keep up with the demand. North tank drained and South tank within a couple feet, this may be the routine for a few days.

When meters are read and a customer’s meter is found running due to a leak, the meter will be locked out until leak is fixed.

Christy Suggs of Hickory Grove Water System posted Sunday night that they are back up and running.  Hickory Grove is completely turned on. We are trying it as long as possible. Please check your lines for leaks. Please Do not use washers or dishwashers until we can build more water in the tank. If you must wash do it sparingly. Under boil advisory until further notice.

If you do not have water please let a board member know.

Check back.  The Journal will update this story as more information becomes available.