Saturday Morning Feb 20th

Hickory Grove Water System update from Christy Suggs, Board Member:

We will be turning on individual areas as we can. Saturday we will turn on North end. That is from the plant to Hwy 71 and Hwy 784 including all side roads. Please check your lines for leaks.

South end will be turned on Sunday at the latest. We are checking for leaks in main lines as we turn it on.

Everyone on Hickory Grove water is under a boil advisory until further notice.

We are asking that you not use washing machines or dishwashers at this time. Please allow us to build up water and have enough for all to use. We understand the inconveniences the loss of water is causing. Please be patience as we work together to get everyone water. Board members are available to you if you have questions. 

From the National Weather Service office in Shreveport Saturday morning:

Slush has Re-Frozen completely solid overnight; a Hard Freeze warning remains in effect. In addition, northern areas have a Freezing Fog Advisory. This combo-threat is laying down fresh Black Ice on roads, bridges and overpasses. Travel is very dangerous this morning.

The Dense Fog advisory applies to Red River Parish.  The Hard Freeze warning applies to areas outside Louisiana.  Highs for our area are predicted in the 45 to 50 degree range.

Us-84 is now open.  Louisiana State Police and DOTD reports us-84 from Clarence to Winnfield is now open.  The road had been blocked by a traffic accident.

CLECO reports they have only 5 customers in Red River Parish waiting for power to be restored.