Mayor Surveys the Town

Mayor Johnny Cox went around Coushatta on Thursday to get a first-hand look at the winter ice and snow storm.  The sun came out after lunch and people began looking for fuel for their generators and other supplies.

Cox noted a short time before electric service was restored to downtown that CBS Home Express was the only store open.  “They have a generator,” Cox said.  All fuel stops were closed.  Cox said,” Kwik Pantry, Conoco, Gold Mine, Country Market, and Chevron are all closed.  They do not have electricity.”

As of midday Thursday, about 500 customers have power.  And Cox said he expected the courthouse should be up in the afternoon.  CLECO later in the day reported that most of its customers in Coushatta would have power restored by evening.

Residents on the Coushatta water system are doing without water.  Cox said, “In town it is frozen due to cold.  This is causing low or no pressure.”  He said the Water Department will make repairs when the tanks thaw out and the system can be checked for breaks or leaks.