ETC… For Friday, February 19th

The state health department relayed word from the CDC that a short delay in getting your second COVID-19 vaccination is acceptable.  There is no need to restart the vaccination series.

Residents who miss their second COVID vaccine dose appointments this week can safely delay the second dose days or weeks if need be.

The CDC has said it expects this week’s severe winter weather to cause widespread delays in vaccine shipments. Louisiana is one such state feeling the impact – both first and second vaccine deliveries to the state have been delayed. Unfortunately, that means vaccine appointments and events scheduled for this week will need to be adjusted based on delivery. 

I saw this on social media and it is too good to pass up.  Bro James Hester of Social Springs Baptist Church posted, “Everyone is posting about remembering your animals during this weather. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the deer in my freezer where it’s -10 degrees. I may have to bring it into the kitchen and warm it up.”