Boil Advisory

The winter storm resulted in burst water pipes and low water pressure for the Town of Coushatta and many water systems in the parish.  Workers are assessing the damage and making repairs as the ice and snow starts to melt.

The Town of Coushatta will be under a boil advisory as the water comes back on.  See the separate article on the overall impact the storm had on Coushatta.

Issued by the Fairview-Union Water System:

Our system has experienced a loss of water due to the high demand during this inclement weather. As a precaution, we are issuing a boil advisory. Please visit our website for more information. We hope you are all staying safe and warm!

The Village of Hall Summit is under a boil advisory.  Town Clerk Mike Dowlen told the Journal he estimates the boil advisory will last until next Thursday.  Dowlen said during the cold weather the water lines froze and there were some water breaks.

A boil advisory will also be issued for the Social Springs Water System.  System Operator Barbara Griffith said, “Both tanks drained with people having leaks and leaving faucets dripping.  We’re trying to fill it back up.  We cannot turn the water back on until we find all of the leaks.  We are also checking to see if there are any breaks in the main line.“ Waiting for the place to thaw.

And the Hickory Grove Water System will be under a boil advisory.  Operator Dean Cotton told The Journal, “We are waiting for the electricity to come back on.  SWEPCO said that could be as early as Friday night.  When things start to thaw out, we will do a check for leaks.”  Cotton added he would encourage people on the system to do their own check for leaks and burst pipes.

Check your water system’s social media pages for future updates.