Sidewalk Painting

By Hayley Loe

Friday morning under the coverage of clouds and steady wind, the Red River 4-H banded together to give the children of Red River Elementary something to look forward to when they get back from their break. The painting was done along the Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade wing, in order to bring some laughter and light to the children’s outside play area. Kimberly Jones, a Nutrition Agent  through SNAP ED covers a program called Healthy Communities which encourages youth and the community to be more physically active. The program purchased stencils and activities for students, through a grant provided by the state.

The program has done 4 other schools throughout the surrounding areas and hopes to be able to help communities in other ways, including Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy which allows stores to replace junk food at the cash registers to fruits and other healthy items. To learn more about these programs the LSU Agricultural center website has a link for these programs, along with many more.

Along with helping the community the 4-H Juniors leaders are also earning some quality community service towards the program.  The 4-H program also hopes to be able to paint the sidewalks at Riverdale and the park later on, this is the first of many to come.