Hiring Interim Fire Chief Deferred

The Red River Fire Department Board met last Friday morning with hiring an Interim Chief at the top of their agenda.  That was put off after District Attorney Julie Jones, who serves as the board’s attorney, raised questions about the department’s financial situation and how much salary they could offer.

Jones provided board members with salaries paid in surrounding parishes and copies of civil service rules.  She said, “I don’t think we are in a position to appoint an interim chief.  We don’t know how much money we have left, or how much is coming in, and we don’t know the salaries of our workers.”

There was an extended discussion of department finances, especially what additional revenues the department would be getting during the rest of the year.  Jones told the board, “The law says we do not have to appoint a chief for 60 days.  That is not practical because a chief must sign off on certain things.  Next deadline for that is February 15th.

Board member Bob Harris made the motion, seconded by Bill Jones, to table naming an interim chief pending more information coming in.  The motion passed.

The next regular board meeting is March 8th.  At this time there has been called no special meeting prior to that time to again take up naming an Interim Fire Chief.

After the meeting the board posed for a picture.  From Left to Right is Board President Shawn Beard (District 2), Jason Anderson (District 6), Dan Cason (District 3), Jamary Jones (District 1), Brad Merry (District 4), Bob Harris (District 5), Board Vice President Mary Cobb (District 7), and Board Secretary Bill Jones (District 1).