If Democrats Are Going to Preach Unity, They Need to Practice It Too

By Congressman Mike Johnson

Johnson Notes that over $1 trillion in pandemic relief remains unspent; urges Democrats to reverse course and work with Republicans to determine what further aid may be necessary

On February 3rd, United States Representative Mike Johnson (LA-04) today said “if Democrats are going to preach unity, they need to practice it too,” after voting against the $1.9 trillion budget resolution brought to a vote by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats.

The Democrat budget resolution establishes a legislative process that would allow Democrats to pass a laundry list of left-wing priorities disguised as pandemic relief without any Republican input.

“More than $1 trillion of what has already been passed by Congress remains unused by states and various agencies,” Johnson continued. “Rather than working with Republicans to determine what further targeted pandemic relief measures may be necessary, Democrats are clearly using the pandemic as leverage to force unrelated policy priorities. If Democrats are going to preach unity, then they need to practice it too, by working with Republicans instead of trying to work around us.”

The $1.9 Trillion Budget Resolution includes provisions unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic that would:

  • Bail out insolvent Democrat state governments with taxpayer dollars
  • Stifle economic recovery by nearly doubling the federal minimum wage
  • Hand millionaires and billionaires a massive tax break