Christus Coushatta Competes For School Clinics

Our local hospital has asked the Red River Parish School Board to allow them to provide school based health centers in the public schools in the parish.  Christus Coushatta Administrator Brandon Hillman made the presentation to the board on Monday afternoon.

Hillman said the hospital would provide RNs and LPNs to man the health centers in the schools.  One would serve the Elementary School and the other would serve the High School and Junior High campus.  These services would be provided at no cost to the school system.

A grant would provide the funding for telemed equipment at the school site.  Hillman said, “It is an opportunity to have a telemed visit from the school to a doctor or nurse practitioner at the clinic.  We would be able to treat students on site without having to go to the clinic or hospital.”  He added, “We would have an LPN or RN at the site to administer injections and bandage cuts and bruises.”  In addition to medical needs, Hillman said, “We also would offer all of our specialties to students including behavioral health, cardiology and other specialties.”  And Hillman said services offered by Christus Coushatta Dental Clinic would also be made available to students.

Another advantage Hillman offered of the school board teaming up with Christus Coushatta would be fast tracking of patients seen via telemed at the schools in the event they had to go to the hospital for treatment.  Hillman said, “Patients would be seen immediately upon arrival.  They would not have to register and wait.  They would receive treatment sooner and get back to school sooner.”

Hillman proposed that the in-school clinics would begin operation at the start of the next school year.

The Executive Director of Trinity Community Health Centers, Deano Thornton, made a presentation to the School Board in December for Trinity to provide the school health centers.  You can read that story here:

The board did not take action on the proposal at the February meeting.