December LOFSA Student Announced

The Red River High LOSFA Student Profile for December 2020 is Carlena Jean Henry.  She is a sophomore this year.

LOSFA’s Impact: Carlena has been on multiple campus visits to do college tours. Moreover, she is an officer in RRHS’s Explorers’ Club. LOSFA and LA Gear Up have helped Carlena’s high school transition.

Henry said, “LOSFA has impacted my academic life in many different ways. As any normal Sophomore would, I started to think about what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go when I got out of high school. Those decisions are very stressful because they impact the rest of your life. Thanks to LOSFA, I have had the chance to visit many different colleges to see what I like about them. I have done virtual seminars to learn more about how college aid works and how to become eligible. Not only has LOSFA helped me with life after high school, they’ve also helped me with my high school as well. By going to Explorers’ Club meetings, I have learned about skills to help me with life such as decision- making skills and how to manage my time. Explorers’ Club also creates a bond between students who all have the same goal of going to college one day. LOSFA has really changed my life and in the coming years, I know they will do much more.”