Red River Gets the Vaccine

The Pfizer Vaccine to protect against COVID-19 has been administered to the first six health care workers at Christus Coushatta Health Care Center.  The vaccine was administered Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Martin Carter, a Family Practices physician working in Dr. Coleman’s Clinic in Coushatta was the first.  Five other health care workers also received their shots.  All waited at least 15 minutes to see if there would be an initial reaction to the inoculations.  There were none.

Christus Coushatta Administrator, Brandon Hillman told The Journal that they got three vials of the vaccine, enough for 18 health care workers.  “We will expand this to all of the members of the staff who want to take it,” said Hillman.  He explained that getting the vaccine is voluntary and he expects additional members of the staff will line up for the COVID-19 vaccine as time passes.

Dr. Carter said, “Given the level of the crisis, the benefits of taking the vaccine outweighs any risk.”  The vaccine was given a fast-track to development and testing.  Dr. Carter said, “A vaccine is the key to a return to normalcy.”

Hillman said at present the protocols are for administering the vaccine to health care workers.  He said we will have to wait for it to be expanded to others.