Around the Block and Back to Bailey’s

Monday morning folks began to arrive early for the Will of God Ministries monthly food distribution.  The distribution site is the old elementary school on East Carroll Street.  Cars lined up at the back entrance prior to the distribution beginning at 9:00 am.

A few more arrived and they stretched the line down the block.  More came, and some more and even more.  Coushatta Police Chief Kevin Stafford help direct traffic.  He told The Journal at one time the line backed through the parking lot at the Methodist Church and down the block to Bailey’s.

The church members and volunteers hauled case after case of frozen chickens and drumsticks out of the freezer to the front lawn.  Others moved box after box of canned goods, staples, fresh fruits and other goods from the staging area inside.  There were cases and cases of fresh eggs and whole milk to distribute.

The Pastor, Dr. Johnny Cox said the church went all out to get extra food.  He anticipated a large turnout because of the holiday season.  Cox said, “We expect to feed about 1500 people today.  We don’t want anyone to go hungry.”

The distribution lasted until about noon.  Cox told his crew, “Get these chickens out of the freezer and make sure everyone has enough.  We need to move all of this food.”  About 10:00 am there were still 50 cars in line, and a few more coming.  Cox and crew counted food boxes and the cars waiting.  Then someone announced, “We will have enough!”