Pizza For Elementary School Teachers

Lunch was pizza last Friday at Red River Elementary.  The Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana, or APEL, treated teachers and staff to lunch.  It was a day in which all students are learning virtually, so there was plenty of time for lunch and socializing.

APEL  Regional Director of North Louisiana, Dr. Desiree Alexander brought lunch.  She also made a presentation on the organization and took applications for the educators to join.

“I just want to say ‘thank you for all you do’ to the teachers,” said Alexander.  She did it by hosting the appreciation luncheon.  Alexander told the teachers, “We are the association of professional educators.  We provide professional liability insurance for our members.  And we are presenting those who join today an Amazon gift card.”

Alexander told The Journal that they serve all schools in Red River and throughout Louisiana.  On Friday APEL went to Red River Elementary.  She said they will be at other schools in the parish throughout the year.