School Superintendent Answers COVID-19 Concerns

The School Board heard an update Monday from Superintendent Alison Hughes on the COVID-19 impact on the school system.  Hughes said, “We have heard a lot of concerns in the parish around COVID.”  Hughes and Paula Clark, the school system nurse tracking the virus, brought the board and public up to date.

Clark said, As of now 14 employees have tested positive and another 15 have been exposed to the virus, for a total of 29 employees out now.  Some of those are quarantined at home for 14 days.  They were not all exposed at school.”

Among students, Clark said, “We have 10 students out now and they are not all from the same school.  So far 107 kids were exposed.  Two students are out with symptoms and we are awaiting test results.”

Included in the 107 are 50 members of the Junior High football team.  Nurse Clark said, “Two kids on the football team are back and they are good.  Others are about to end their 14-day quarantine.”

Superintendent Hughes reported numerous phone calls to the central office by parents and concerned citizens about rumors they are hearing.  Hughes asked parents to report illness of their children to the schools first.  “We hear about a lot of this from social media,” said Hughes, “and several days may have passed before we have any knowledge.”  She asked parents to call school first.  Clark echoed Hughes concern, “We are getting information on kids after four to six days and they  may be well by then.”

Another area of concern is the parents or citizens who call to ask questions that cannot be answered, such as the name of students possibly involved, or they have heard a rumor that are involved.  Hughes reminded the public, “We cannot give out names or specifics or anything that would identify a child.  But if you call the office, please give your name and answer other questions.  Without names it is not possible to trace reports of possible exposure.”