Early Voting Breakdown

Early voting turnout is setting records around the nation.  And in Louisiana nearly a million people cast early ballots either in person or by mail-in. 

Figures from the Secretary of State show 817,954 people cast ballots in person during the 10 days of early voting and 14,979 people cast absentee ballots.  Total statewide was 967,751.

As reported Wednesday by The Journal, there was a record setting turnout here in Red River.  A total of 1546 people voted in person and 359 voted absentee for a total vote of 1905.  That is 32% of registered voters have already voted.

The detailed break-down is in the document below.  The demographic breakdown of those voting is:

White 1034, Black 846, and other 25.

Male 766 and Female 1139.

Democrat 1036, Republican 652, and other 217.