Record Early Voting Turnout

Red River voters took part in early voting in record numbers.  Twenty-six percent of the registered voters cast ballots in person over the past ten days.

“It was a good ten days,” said Registrar of Voters Debra Jones, “It has gone very well.  My staff was a little tired from ten days of 12 hours each, but we were fired up today, the last day of early voting.”  The slowest day saw 116 people vote.  Early voting ended on a strong note with 255 people coming to vote on Tuesday.

When The Journal went by late Tuesday, Jones was entering voter information at her desk.  Staff members were checking in voters and assisting them to the voting stations.  They also took care of sanitizing the area between voters to assure their safety.

In addition to the record turnout, Jones said several hundred new voters had registered in the past few months.  Jones said, “We are up to 5936 registered voters.  The rolls had dropped down to near 5,000 in the recent past.  And many of the newly registered voters turned out and cast their ballots during early voting.”

Jones was thankful for all who had made early voting a success.  She thanked Sheriff Glen Edwards for loaning them the old fire station.  Jones said, “It was a much larger space with room for everyone.  We had three voting stations.  And it was especially good for people with physical challenges.”

The final count, after the polls closed Tuesday night, showed that 1546 people voted in person.    That is an increase of 300+ voters compared to the 1203 who voted early in the 2016 Presidential election.