Early Voting Changes

There are several significant changes to early voting for the November 3rd election.  Red River residents will have a new place to vote early.  And the early voting periods have been changed.

Most significant is that voters will no longer go to the Courthouse and clear security to cast ballots.  Registrar of Voters Debra Jones told The Journal that recent court rulings concerning the voting plan in light of the COVID-19 virus made the changes necessary.   Jones said, “The ruling took bits and pieces of the summer emergency plan.  The judge agreed for the early voting to be 10 days with extended hours for the November election.  And just regular hours and dates for the December election.” 

For the summer elections early voting took two weeks.  The Journal asked why the change for the fall election.  Jones said, “If we do the two weeks of early voting, the first day of voting is also the last day to add or change a voter registration electronically, which caused some issues during the summer elections.  With the 10 days, we avoid those problems.”

Early voting information is provided below.  Also included is information about registering to vote or changing your address.