School COVID-19 Update

The Red River School Board received an update on the impact moving into Phase Three would have on the local schools.  Superintendent Alison Hughes said the main areas of difference would be school busses and class sizes.

Hughes said the new rules allow for busses to be filled to 75% of capacity.  She said classes and gatherings in the state could now be up to 50 people.  “Neither of these really affects the way we are doing things at present,” said Hughes.  She said, “We are keeping the same preventative measures…we feel it is best for the kids and the community.”

Hughes complimented teachers and staff for “going above and beyond to get everything done.”  She added, “Everything has gone as smooth as possible under the circumstances.”

A primary area of concern is the health of students and teachers.  Hughes said they have had some employees test positive, and she added, “Not any among students.  I know there are rumors of cases, but these are not true.  There have been no positive student cases.”  Hughes went on to explain, “Some children are in quarantine because of outside things, but there are no positives.  Some employees tested positive but no contact issues.  Positive employees are staying home.”

“One thing I want to emphasize,” said Hughes, “is every employee that has had a positive has been released by a doctor in order to come back to work.  And then they are evaluated by our Covid Nurse.  We have to have all documentation before that employee can return to work.”

Hughes added, “The janitorial staff has also gone above and beyond with sanitizing every building every day, bathrooms every two hours, and classrooms twice a day.”

Hughes summed it up, “We are going to have positive COVID cases.  But we will be as transparent as the law allows us to be.”

Another area of concern is athletics.  The Journal takes a look at plans for football and other sports in the next article.