Bulldog Football Will Be A Tough Ticket

Restrictions imposed by the Louisiana State Fire Marshall may mean tickets to Red River Bulldog Football games will be as scarce as Hens Teeth!  Seating is being limited to only 25% of capacity.

That ruling by the Fire Marshall was revealed by Superintendent Alison Hughes to the School Board at their meeting on Monday.  Hughes said, “Even with Phase Three the Fire Marshall has dictated 25%.  The Governor’s proclamation said 75% (of capacity) but they (Fire Marshall) dictated 25%.”  Hughes did not appear happy with that ruling.

The new Pat Strother Memorial Stadium has a capacity of 1,500 people.  The visitor seats on the other side of the field hold about a hundred.  Hughes explained that would allow about 400 people in the stands.

Hughes told board members, “You will hear griping, complaining and upset people in your districts.  Tell them I can do nothing about it.  We might be able to allow 500 people in.”  Hughes said she hoped that changes before the scrimmage set with Bossier High on September 25th and the first game vs Mansfield on October 2nd.  “Ticket sales fund athletics.  Limited capacity will mean less money coming in than in prior years.”

The Red River Parish Journal will stream all games, home and away, live on The Journal’s Facebook page.  For your convenience the Football Schedule is at the bottom of this article.