Laura Visits and Leaves

Hurricane Laura blew through Coushatta at mid-morning and by noon was headed north out of our area.  In the storm’s wake were numerous trees down and some structures suffered minor damage.  The Journal drove the area when the storm’s eye appeared.  It seems that the damage was not heavy in town.

Trees were noted down in Springville on Patton Street.  A large tree blew down and blocked LA 480 (Red Oak Rd.).  There The Journal found an 18-wheeler driver and two volunteers trying to clear the road.  They backed up the truck and used it to push the tree out of the roadway.

Another tree was down and blocking Mount Olive Rd.  We talked with a Police Jury employee who said that the Mount Olive and Patton Street trees had been removed.  They also removed a tree down in Whispering Pines subdivision.

A tree fell on Church Street.  It knocked a transformer off the utility pole and left it in a ditch.  There was also a power line down across Carroll Street between the funeral home and flower shop.

Downtown there were a couple of sections of the roof of Shaw Timber blowing in the wind.  Most of the tin blew off the east side of the empty building that once housed part of Mary Ann’s.  There were sections of siding blowing loose on the town maintenance building in the Industrial Park.  And there was small damage noted on the shed behind EMS.

From the areas The Journal surveyed this morning it does not appear any structures sustained major damage.  We did not see any houses or businesses with trees down across them.

If we missed any major damage on your property, let us know and send pictures.  Contact us via email or by text at 318-564-3609.