Parades At Nursing Home

A virtual reunion would be an online event.  An actual reunion would be in-person with lots of hugging.  But this was a visual reunion.  Parents, children, and grandchildren were visually reunited this week with their loved ones who reside at Green Meadow Haven in Coushatta.

Activities Director Amanda Cannon put it together with lots of help from the staff.  They held four parades on Monday and Tuesday.  For each parade, the residents of one of the four halls at Green Meadow Haven were brought out in the fresh air and sunshine.  They lined both sides of the driveway under the shade of the breezeway.

Family and friends decorated their vehicles and they gathered in the Dairy Queen parking lot.  Many had the kids (and bigger kids too) riding in the back of pickups, or standing up through sunroofs, or just hanging out the widows.  They brought balloons and signs and most of all smiles and blown kisses.

The residents were excited.  So were their families.  Most had been separated since March when the first Stay at Home orders were put in place.  For health security, Green Meadow Haven has not admitted visitors, even family members.

Here was the opportunity for relatives, sons and daughters, and grandkids to see their loved one, even if it was for a brief drive by.

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