Transportation Employees Honored

By Hayley Loe

The Red River Parish School Board met on Monday, February 10th.  Several school employees were honored at the meeting.

Included in this was the honoring of two employees who work behind the scene of Red River Parish’s Transportation Department.  Donald McCart and Kenneth Cason always makes sure the busses that carry students around the parish are always in tip top shape. Before the busses go off on field trips these men check the busses before they leave the bus shop.  Thy are always on call if the busses break down during their travels. 

The busses are used for morning pickup and drop-off in the afternoon, transportation of high school students to the second campus over at the Springville Educational Center, to away games for the teams, or field trips throughout the school year.

Also honored was Coltan Sanders who gave a donation of $15,000 dollars to the RRHS football team. Coach John Bachman, Sr. described how even though Sanders never went to the high school, but when Coach called him and asked him to help the football team, his only complaint was could he split the payments up. The school board honored Sanders by giving him a plaque and thanking him for his donation.

The School Board received a grant from The Northwest Gardeners Association in order to improve the grounds around the high school and junior high. Superintendent Alison Hughes said, “I want people that visit the school to see it as a clean and happy environment that children come to learn in.” Students will help plant the trees that have been bought on Friday, they also hope to build flower beds around the school.

The School Board also helped to raise over $5,000 dollars for United Way of Northwest Louisiana.  They help buy school supplies for students throughout all the schools in the parish. These supplies are given to the students at the beginning of each school year and have proven to be helpful in the classrooms. All year around some of the students are using the backpacks, pencils, pens, and paper that has been given to them. However some things have to be cut from the list of supplies they buy, but United Way hopes that one day no part of the supply list will have to get cut and the students won’t be missing some of the essentials needed.

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