The Reading Fair

By Molly Seales

On Friday, February 7, Riverdale Academy hosted its 3rd annual Reading Fair.  For the fair, students choose a book, either fiction or non-fiction, to read.  After they read their books, they follow guidelines to construct their projects on story boards. 

This year, 52 students in grades 1-8 participated, and every one of them had outstanding projects.  Projects that placed 1stand 2nd in their categories advance to district competition at Glenbrook School on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.  These are just a few pictures of the students’ amazing projects. 

Participants included Caden Spradley, Hope Williamson, Dally Bell, Milton Guidry, Easton Cason, Lane Mancil, Morgan Moseley, Ellie Reese Hillman, Brylee Halbmaier, Trevor Bell, Brooklyn Giddings, Jace Johnson, Ryder Shaver, Kenna Coleman, Isabella Stephens, Maddi Cason, Maddie Baxley Hayden Cason, Jackson Hillman, JoJo Shaver, Kaleigh Pickett, Madalyn Chamberlin, Layken Gates, Ally Kate Hillman, Lexi Mancil, Krista Mancil, Julia Grace Riggs, Ben Moseley, Alaina Boyd, Shea Nettles, Mason Wilhite, Tyler Wilhite, Makayla Pickett, Charity Williamson, Ashton Almond, Tanner Carlisle, Emma Giddings, Hanna Huddleston, Aston Hester, Shirley Boyd, Colton Caskey, Jadyn King, Haylee Smith, Georgia Carlisle, Emily Cason, Madison Chamberlin, Jaxon Gates, Kyle Guillory, Cameron Hesson, Hayden Hillman, Ryder Huddleston, and Matthew Smith.

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