English Class Updates

The Journal’s report continues with a look at English classes at Red River High.

Also this week, Red River is posting about the activities in some of their English classes.  In

English 1 the school said, “English 1 is totally engaged and working hard in Dr. Wimberly’s class.  One hundred percentof his students are writing and working on their Narratives.  They are Into week 4 and are already getting ready for Leap 2025.

English 2 is mostly sophomores.  The school said, “English 2 students are taking charge of their own learning.  Mrs. Bennett has these kids discussing, writing, and researching climate change, legalizing drugs, suicide, and immigration.  This group of students is doing what it takes to make Mastery and Advance scores on the Leap 2025 tests. This group of students doing what it takes to make Mastery and Advance on the Leap 2025.”

Debbie Guidry teaches advanced English or English 3.  The school said, “Guidry’s AP (Advanced Placement) English 3 class was working on Martin Luther King’s letter from Birmingham Jail.  Jasmine Thomas and Markell Henry were working on their annotations, they will be ready in May.”

From these reports it is apparent that new and exciting learning opportunities are being offered in our parish.

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