Business And Math Classes

Education is in the news this week.  Area schools are highlighting teachers and class offerings.  In this first article, posted by Riverdale Academy, the school asked, “Why Riverdale?”

The school said, “Mrs. Jennifer Desselle visited our Business Math class. Mrs. Desselle is a CPA in the area. She showed the students how to fill out a 1040 and spoke to them about different ways to save money when filing taxes.

“Math class meets real life in Mrs. Cason’s Business Math class.  She is helping to prepare our students for real life situations.”

The school booster club did some bragging about new business math class.  We are starting to look at budgets. The students have researched their careers-the benefits, salary, etc.  Also they researched different expenses like taxes, insurance, rent, gas, electricity, cell phone bills, tv plans, internet, groceries, and all the other monthly expenses they will have.  Several looked at different tv plans and which they would choose based on the cost.

Then they grocery shopped on Kroger and Walmart websites to see what the cost is for groceries each month.  They learned a lot about how much things cost. Next, will be looking into health insurance plans. 

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