Red River’s New Fishing Team

This is fishing country.  Just about everyone likes to spend some time on the water.  So it is appropriate that Red River High School should offer fishing as a varsity sport.

This week the school’s 1st Fishing Team recieved their new jerseys, hoodies, hats, and face mask.  They have some of the best looking athletic gear on campus.  

The school posted, “We are excited to see them compete this year.  We would not have gotten this done without our sponsor Roger Longino.  Roger we thank you for your passion and help in getting this team started and you will be forever missed.”  

Lt. Longino passed away Nov. 24, 2019.  The school said, This season these boys are fishing for him.”
Pictured is the 2019-2020 Fishing Team.  Standing Left to Right: Jeremiah Roberson, Tyler Wood, Tyler Hughes, Ken Lazarus, and Lance Soles.  Kneeling: William Crane, Ethan Cole-Morgan, and Brett Danzy.

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