OK of Fire Tax Election Delayed

A lack of information lead members of the Red River Parish Police Jury to question a fire tax election proposal.  The jurors had a resolution to call the election on their agenda this week, however it was not approved.

The agenda item read, “Adopt a resolution approving the holding of an election in the Parish Wide Fire Protection District of the Parish of Red River on Saturday, May 9, 2020 to authorize the levy of a special tax therin.”

The consensus of the jury members was that they did not know enough about the proposal to vote on approving it.  Most jurors said they had not received any information about the item before seeing it on the January meeting agenda.  Others said no one from the fire department had contacted them with regard to the tax.  And other comments indicated there was a lack of knowledge if this was a renewal of a tax or a new tax and just how much the tax would be and how much money it was expected to raise.  There were also questions about how the money generated by the tax would be used.

Jury Vice President Ben Taylor said, “They should put a lot of thought into what you are doing before you do something.  Look at what is going out and what is coming in and make cuts or adjustments within.  They’re not taking care of what is going on internally.  That’s my take on it.”

Other jurors expressed displeasure at being asked to stamp a thing and call the election without knowledge of what they were approving.

The jury took no action on the resolution at the January meeting on Wednesday. 

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