Fire Marshall Issues Warning

The deaths of two Coushatta residents in a home fire on December 18thare among eleven people who have lost their lives in structure fires in the state since the first of December.  The State Fire Marshall has issued a plea with all Louisiana residents to be especially cautious this winter.

Marie Lynn Thomas and her seven year old son, Billy Ray Thomas perished when the apartment building in which they were living caught fire.  They occupied a downstairs apartment.

Over the weekend, State Fire Marshal H. “Butch” Browning is reiterating his plea for all residents to take home fire safety seriously as the total number of fatalities this month alone is now up to 11. All but three of those victims were in their 60s or older.

“We have now surpassed last year’s fire fatality count of 70 deaths after staying below 2018’s comparable statistics throughout the rest of the year,” said Browning, “This is not only sad for me to report, but disappointing as these deaths continue to appear completely preventable. We are urging everyone to look around your homes, and the homes of your elderly relatives and neighbors, to identify potential fire hazards and do something about them. Please, don’t become a statistic.”

Those hazards include heating devices too close to combustibles and overloaded electrical power sources.  Preventative actions include ensuring working smoke alarms are present and to “Get Out, Stay Out” when faced with a fire emergency.

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  1. our Red River Fire Department will come and put up a smoke alarm and check the batteries too..give them a call ..932 6676 and ask for Shane or Mike

  2. We were sad to hear of the latest fatalities in coushatta.My wife and I are physically disabled,and have limited mobility. Being in our 60s as well as being disabled we are limited on what we can,and can not do.We had our home insulated,and weatherized a couple of years ago,and they placed smoke alarms in various rooms in our home,but being disabled we can not reach them to change the battery in them.I have already fallen a few times,because of dizziness when climbing.There needs to be a program operating through the fire marshals office,or fire department to check on all the physically disabled to make sure they have smoke alarms,and that the batteries are changed when they indicate they are out.It is not just us we are concerned about it is all disabled people in our parish. Many have little or no mobility,and it is harder for people to get out of a fire in time. my first priority is my wife. she is in a wheel chair,and has limited mobility. If it came to me or her getting out in time it would be her,and if I lost my life saving her I know God would look after her. I would die to save her life if it came to that. Everyone that is disabled you have a voice in this parish,and need to get help with fire safety around,and in your home.if your family would help you that would be a plus,but for those like us with little,or no family we need to call the authorities for help.please listen fire department,and marshal.We that are physicaly disabled need your help.Check on the disabled,and make sure their smoke alarms are working,and those who have none should be given one. the disabled need to have safe access in,and out of their homes.please help us is a matter of life ,and death.

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