CP-Tel System Failure

Area users of CP-Tel for telephone and internet service had their service interrupted early Monday morning.  The company apologized for the outage which it said was due to a power issue. By Tuesday most customers in the parish had their service restored.

This is the update, issued Tuesday evening:

Update (6:42 PM on 12/17/19): A large number of customers in Campti/Black Lake/Creston area should start seeing their service restored as of this update. If not, please reboot your router for it to potentially recognize the changes that have been implemented to restore service. If this doesn’t resolve the issue please continue to comment on this post with what services are down and what area you are located in. Our internal phones are back up and working so you can also reach us now at 352-0006 to report ongoing issues. 

We’re up to 80-85% of customers with service restored. We’re aware that many of you are still without service. We have a team, both internal employees and external, continuing to work around the clock to get all customers back up and running. Our own internal phones are still down at our main office. Please comment here if you are still without service. Please provide what specific services are still out (Phone/Internet/TV) and your location.

In Red River, the CP-Tel outage affected offices in the Courthouse including the Sheriff’s Office. The Sheriff posted alternate ways to communicate with them on their social media pages.  Also affected were the School Board office and all public schools. Also businesses depending upon CP-Tel for their phone or network connections were without service most of the day on Monday.

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