VFW Public School Students of the Month

The local VFW Post and Auxiliary presented awards to the Students of the Month at the December School Board Meeting.  On Monday evening, Superintendent Alison Hughes read the citations for the students selected and presented each with a certificate and gift card to Dairy Queen.

Seth Wimberly was selected from Red River High School.  Hughes said, Seth is an honest gentleman who is always willing to step out.  He is friendly, hard-working, non-judgmental and helpful.  He has been selected as one of the finalists for student of the year. As a thoughtful writer and classmate, he ensures that he is prepared for class discussions and adds to what his classmates say by introducing new ideas.”

The other Student of the Month present at the board meeting was Imari Speed.  Hughes read the nomination statement from his teacher, Intha Fields, “When you think of Imari, you can’t help but smile, maybe even laugh.  He is always in a good mood and you can’t help but be in a good mood as well if you’re anywhere near him.  I’m happy to report that Imari has made tremendous growth within the last month. He’s managed to balance out the time spent on jokes and making others laugh with his school work, which is quite the success for Imari.  He participates in everydiscussion we have and has become one of the top math and ELA students. To me, the best thing I could ever say about Imari is, he gets along with everyone. He never meets a stranger and lifts the spirits of everyone he meets.  He is definitely one of my favorite people.”

Two students were not present at the board meeting.  They are Olivia Filkins from Red River Elementary and Tylan Beavers from Red River Junior High.

The nomination statement for Filkins read, “Mrs. Tong and Ms. Bamburg say that Olivia is smart and hard-working.  She has a positive attitude and is willing to work with anyone. She gets all of her work done every day. Olivia is very respectful and is really an over-all good kid.”

And Beavers’ nomination statement read, “Tylan was chosen for 6thgrade student of the month because of his character. He is honest, trustworthy, reliable, responsible, enthusiastic and hard-working, and those are just a few of the words that describe him.  When he is asked to complete an assignment or task, he gives 100% and makes sure the work/job is done on time and correctly.  He is a role model for his peers and anyone else around him.  He is a positive, well-mannered and well-behaved young man.”

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