Showing Their Heart

Recently Principal Shenell Deville and Red River Elementary School Capturing Kids Hearts Staff decided to recognize students who were caught showing their heart.  Two of our students were presented with a treat.  Caught Showing their heart were Logan Mims and Michael Allen.

Student Logan Mims displayed a huge random act of kindness toward a fellow classmate  and student Micheal Allen was noted for making smart choices.  The school will  be looking for students who display random acts of kindness, make smart choices, and model positive behavior randomly.

From Principal Deville, “Red River Elementary School (RRES) is a Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) National Showcase School for the 2018-2019 school year. This is our second year with this honor.  Because RRES is the only school in Louisiana to hold this title, Principal Shenell Deville was asked to speak to school leaders and teachers from Louisiana during the month of October. These schools were either in their first year of implementation of the CKH program or considering to partner with the program company, Flippen Group. In order to give our Louisiana peers a true picture of what CKH entails, Principal Deville drove to Baton Rouge and shared with over 60 school representatives and CKH staff from the Flippen Group.  Along for the ride were Mrs. Tiffany Williams, RRES 2019-2020 CKH School Facilitator and 5th grade teacher and two 5th grade students, Jacob Cole and Ke’asha Clark.  RRES was treated like royalty by all with cheers, claps, and high-fives as they entered the room.  

During the visit, Principal Deville shared how implementing the program took time and a lot of work, and the work is still ongoing. She told them “CKH has helped to build more positive relationships among staff, students, and community. As a school leader, every year I am learning that we can be better and must do better; that is why we strive to be a “National Showcase School.”  Mrs. Tiffany Williams shared strategies and experiences on classroom implementation and ways to align classroom rules with program components. Students, Jacob and Ke’asha both shared their experiences on how CKH has made them more responsible in their actions and has reduced the number of bullying situations. The audience asked questions of everyone.  They were impressed with how well our students spoke and how honest we were with our experience. Prior to leaving the meeting, many school leaders approached Principal Deville and thanked her and said, “After two days of presentations, we (RRES) convinced them that Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH) is the program they need on their campuses.”

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