Science, Gingerbread, and Candy Canes

Make it fun and it will be memorable.  Science students at Riverdale Academy are having fun while learning.  They are applying science lessons to common everyday experiences.

Mrs. Brenda Rushing’s 5th-7th grade classes made roller coasters. They learned types of energy, friction and gravitational force. Mrs. Brenda said that the thing that amazed her the most was the way they used their problem solving skills not only to make different things work, but when it didn’t work they would change things up to solve the problem. Great job, Jr. High science.
Mrs. Merry’s 4thgraders joined in the fun while learning.  She said, “We experimented with the properties of matter and classified gingerbread men. Yummy!  Fourth grade Christmas fun!”

Another science project involved Christmas candy.  She posted, “Which temperature water dissolves candy canes faster?  Christmas science fun in fourth grade. Learning can be fun!”

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