Just Because You Don’t Like Him!

In case you missed the impeachment hearings this week…

Congressman Mike Johnson is a member of the House Judiciary Committee, and he spoke out in opposition to efforts to impeach the President.  During hearings on Wednesday, Johnson said Democrats can’t stand this president, but that is not enough to remove him.

Johnson said, “But in our system, Congress doesn’t get to remove a president just because they don’t like him. They don’t get to ignore the Constitution just because they abhor his policies, his staff members or his manner of speaking.

Congressman Johnson spoke against the possible long lasting effect the impeachment movement could have, “When the rule of law in our system rules, we all do better, and it has to be followed, defended and preserved. I pray that we can still do that when this charade is over and after this dangerous precedent is set for the future of this blessed nation…God help us.”

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