Schools Thank Deputies

Red River School Superintendent Alison Hughes thanked the Sheriff’s Department and the School Resource Officers for the work they do to keep Red River kids safe at school. Hughes said, “The value you bring to our children cannot be expressed in words.”

Hughes paid tribute to the late Lieutenant Roger Longino, a long-time resource officer and DARE instructor at the Elementary School.  Hughes said, “The impact he had on kids is indescribable.  Roger chose to coach fishing and just started a fishing team.  We cannot replace Roger, but we want to honor him by seeing that the things most important to him will be carried on.”

Longino along with two other SROs were honored at the board meeting Monday night.  Hughes said the presentations were planned and the plaques were ordered prior to Longino’s passing.  “We will pass Roger’s plaque on to (board member) Gene (Longino) in his honor.”

The other two SROs were also presented plaques.  They are Deputy Tamara George and Deputy Chris Sibley.  George works at Red River Junior High.  Hughes said to George, “You impact our kids every day.  My son told me he would comply with everything Deputy George asked of him because he witnessed another student  that did not comply receive the consequences of her actions.”  Hughes added, “I know you go way beyond what is required.  Thank you for the long days you put in with our kids.”

Deputy Sibley works at Red River High.  Hughes said, “He has been an assistant football coach for some time before becoming the SRO.  I have seen Chris make differences in children’s lives that we never thought we could do.  He has been able to turn children around and help them find that they can love life again. He is a mentor to kids, and they look up to him and respect him.”

Then Hughes introduced Sheriff Glen Edwards and Chief Deputy Greg Moore.  She said, “It is good to have a partnership with the Sheriff’s Department.  Many school districts don’t have the partnership we do.  They do what I need and when I requested another SRO, Sheriff Edwards said he would find a way to make it happen.”

Sheriff Edwards commented that he views it as a team effort.  “It is about our citizens and our children,” said Edwards.  He added, “Who we put in these positions we don’t take lightly.  Deputy Sibley found his fit working with kids.  We lured Deputy George away from Natchitoches Parish.  She takes control and supervises in a way that commands respect and she truly cares about our children.”

Edwards said of Roger Longino, “I look at his car in the parking lot every day.  It really was a shock to me.  Roger truly loved the children at Red River Elementary and the children loved him.  He will be dearly missed.”

Edwards concluded by saying, ”We are going to do everything we can to assure the safety of our children.”


Edwards and Moore were presented plaques to show their appreciation from the school board and superintendent.  Then the deputies left to attend the Red River High basketball game against BTW a few blocks away before ending their long day.

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