Holiday Caravan Stops in Coushatta

Excitement was in the air. Children got to sit on Santa’s lap and give him their Christmas gift wish list.  The Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan stopped at Shop-A-Lott from 1:00 to 3:00 and then down the road at Rivertown Market from 4:00 to 6:00.

For most of the children it was their first time to see Santa this holiday season.  They were excited, although a few had some reservations about the large man in the red suit wearing a white beard and red cap.

Accompanying Santa were several elves, the Coke Polar Bear and a beverage dispenser that served up a can of Coke every time someone gave it a hug.  The elf pictured on Santa’s lap at Shop-A-Lott was introducing a holiday flavor Cinnamon Coke. 

The Journal spoke with Wayne Lancaster, the Sales Center Manager for Coca-Cola in Shreveport. Lancaster said, “Coke is synonymous Christmas.”  He explained, “Since the 1930s Santa Clause and Coke have become symbols of the holidays. Santa has been featured on calendars and other advertising.  More recently Coke added the Polar Bears to promote their beverage.”

The especially outfitted trucks were created as a promotional tool Lancaster said traveled to various towns in the state.  “We like to show our partners (ie: Rivertown and Shop-A-Lott) that we appreciate them carrying our product.  We like to come to small towns where people do not always get a chance to experience some of the events taking place in larger cities,” added Lancaster.

People flocked to both locations to take a picture of their children with Santa.  The Journal peeked over one lady’s shoulder as she snapped away.

And the special holiday flavor of Cinnamon Coke should be available at various outlets in Red River parish over the Christmas season.

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