A Turkey Shoot

In the wild, turkeys usually don’t sit still for you to shoot them.  So this was an unorthodox style of Turkey Shoot conducted Wednesday afternoon at the nursing home.

The recreation staff of Green Meadow Haven decided to offer their residents a challenge to shoot a turkey. The event was held indoors, so they could not bring in live turkeys.  Instead boxes decorated as “lively turkeys” would suffice.  And since hunting rifles might leave holes in the ceiling, walls and doors, nerf bullets would have to do.

Now you have the scene.

Residents took turns on the “firing line” aiming their nerf guns at the “turkeys” and blasting away. And “fire when ready” was the cry of the afternoon.

It was hilarious.  And the residents had a great time just before Thanksgiving Day taking aim and firing at the turkeys!  Oh! No turkeys were harmed in the carrying out of this competition.

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