October Students of the Month

Students of the Month for October from the four Red River schools were introduced to the School Board Monday night.  Only Malia Allen was present at the meeting, however Superintendent Alison Hughes saluted all four students.

Malia Allen was selected from Red River Academic Academy. Hughes read the nomination:

I knew Malia had it in her before she even knew it herself. after watching her get aggravated one too many times, I decided to let her know what I saw. “you are my girl.” that was all it took: three little words that meant so much to her.  that was over a month ago, and Malia has been non-stop ever since. she’s ready to work as soon as she comes through the door. the once-shy girl you could barely hear, eagerly welcomes her classmates to school every morning. the growth she’s made in math alone would astonish any teacher.  ELA (English Language Arts) may not be her best subject, but she definitely doesn’t sit and wait for someone to just give her the answer. she’s always working. she even asks to miss P.E. so she can get help on work she doesn’t understand. I’m amazed every day at the leader Malia has become to her classmates. They look to her with greater respect, and turn to her for help on their assignments. Malia’s smile is contagious. when she smiles, we all smile; and she’s always smiling.  Her teacher Intha Field nominated Malia.

From Red River High School Kaitlyn Antilley was selected.  Mrs. Bailey nominated Kaitlyn as student of the month. Kaitlyn is a very out-going student who has a great work ethic. if someone does not see working on the yearbook as a hard job, they have never seen the workers in action. there are thousands of pictures that must be taken in order to include all events. Kaitlyn and another student volunteered to take pictures of all the football games. This included forwarding the pictures of many players as a fundraiser for the yearbook, all on their own.  They have done an outstanding job, and I believe Kaitlyn should be honored for her great work. She is also a very hard worker in the classroom and on the basketball court.

The student selected from Red River Junior High was Caitlyn Jones.  The nomination read:  Caitlyn is an excellent student that excels academically and behaviorally.  Caitlyn strives to be the best at everything she does, whether it’s doing her assignments, helping her peers or rooting the Bulldogs on as a cheerleader.  Caitlyn always exhibits a positive attitude and is always ready to tutor or lend a helping hand to classmates or teachers. Her favorite subject is math, but Caitlyn excels in everything, often receiving high academic awards in each subject. Caitlyn enjoys singing, dancing, cheering and spending time with her family. Not only is Caitlyn active at school, she sings in her church choir and is a praise dancer at Elizabeth Full Gospel Baptist Church. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Caitlyn is a model student that loves school and she is truly a pleasure to have at Red River Junior High.

And From Red River Elementary, the Student of the Month was Maximus Street.  Mrs. Miller, his 4th grade English Language Arts teacher, stated that Maximus always gives his best effort.  He completes all of his assignments. She says he is very studious and hardworking.

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post and Auxiliary 7287 present the Students of the Month each month with a certificate noting their selection and a gift card to Coushatta Dairy Queen.

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