Veterans Day Observances

Several observances of Veterans Day were held in the parish over the weekend.  Many churches honored vets during Sunday Services or other occasions.

Saturday at St. Georges Catholic Church veterans in attendance, including the priest, were presented afghans.  They had been woven by the ladies who take part in Sewing God’s Love each Monday morning.

Monday morning Green Meadow Haven gathered residents in the dining area for morning coffee and muffins and a salute to their resident vets.  Four vets reside at Green Meadow Haven and two were at the event, including Jessie Bass who, at 91 years young, held the American Flag and lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Speaker was Buster Bailey of Regional Hospice.  Bailey said, “Because of your willingness to go defend this nation we are free today. There is no way to thank you enough.”

Bailey said he wished citizens understood that loved ones might be out of touch for an extended period of time.  “My son served five years with the Marines, said Bailey, “and we had no contact with him while deployed.  It was for security reasons.  We understood that he was off defending the nation.”

The high school posted, “Red River High’s JROTC held their annual program in honor of Veterans Day. This day is a time to acknowledge the brave men and women who have served in the US Armed Forces. We also had the privilege of having several of our local veterans in attendance for this program.

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend today. Most importantly, RRHS would like to sincerely thank the service men and women who took the oath to proudly serve and protect our great country.

Senior Aerospace Instructor, Colonel Mark Duffield was the speaker.  Duffield said, “Service is a deadly serious and life changing experience.  When you join, you write a blank check to the country. It is a commitment up to and possibly including laying down your life for your country.  Remember your service.”

Duffield recalled the day he took the oath.  “I have many memories, some good and some bad,” said Colonel Duffield. “The good include the smiles of people in northern Iraq who were still alive because we were there,” and Duffield added, “And there are memories of evil including the look of people who hate the United States.”

There is a brotherhood among the brothers and sisters who serve and have served.  Colonel Duffield recounted the many conflicts from the Revolutionary War when our country was born up to the current conflicts in the middle east.  He said, “We who currently serve share this brotherhood that has been handed down since the Revolutionary War.  I am proud to call all vets our brothers and sisters.”

Red River Principal JC Dickey spoke of the service given in World War II by his two grandfathers.  Dickey said, “One grandfather was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.  The other was paralyzed when he was thrown from a tank during combat.”  He concluded, “I am thankful every day for those who served and are serving.  Thanks to every one of you who served.”

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