Runoff Early Voting Ends

More Red River voters chose to vote early in the November 16th runoff election than voted early in the primary.  Traditionally there is less interest in the runoff due to fewer items on the ballot. This time there was a contested local race for Assessor and a hot race for Governor, which could account for a greater turnout.

Statistics from the Registrar of Voter’s office show that 1218 people voted early.  Absentee ballots were 187 therefore 1031 people voted in person. 

The breakdown of voters is:

By race, 57.7% were white and 41.6% were black. 

By sex, 61.5% were female and 38.5% were male.

By political party, 53.2% were Democrats, 35.4% were Republican, and 11.4% were other.

Comparing these statistics to those from the first early voting period not much has changed.  The percentage of voters by race, sex or political party stayed basically the same.  There were a total of 250 more people who cast ballots during the early voting period this time. 

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