Riverdale Falls in Second Playoff Game

By Rebels Sportscaster Steven Bryant

The 2019 Riverdale Academy football season has officially come to an end. Their last game was November 8th, 2019 versus Columbus Christian Academy. They played a hard game but came up short.

Aside from that game they had a season full of ups and downs. They started the season slow but in the middle of the season they made a change that turned their season around. After their 4th game of the season the Riverdale football team decided to call for some familiar help. That’s where Coaches Spencer Roland and Eric Talley come on to the scene. They took over the Rebel squad and helped the players unveil their true potential.

The Rebels went on a streak of wins and turned themselves around. They had to win all the way to their last regular season game to make the playoffs and they did just that.

In their first playoff game versus Sharkey Issaquina Academy the Rebels defeated them handedly.  They lost to them earlier this season. That win drove them to the second round where their season was ended.

This season of Riverdale football was like any other I’ve ever seen. The players could have hung their heads midway thru the season and gave up, but they did what was hard to do and keep fighting thru and it paid off for them. Even though they may not get any accolades or trophies, but they should be proud of themselves.

I also want to give some Honorable mentions to a few players. Jackson Riggs, Adam Bryant, Justin Oliver, Tylar Bare, and Dayton Brown. These guys did an exceptional job with their Senior Season. You may have heard me talk about Jackson’s physical running, passing and catching, Adam’s strong inside zone running, Justin’s “Burst of Speed”, Tylar’s non-stop all out physical defense, and Dayton’s improvement from confusion from last season to an exceptional role player on this team now.

It was a joy and pleasure to watch and commentate on this team for this season of football.  And I hope this team can work hard and come back stronger next season ready to play.

Thanks to Joni Riggs for the great title photo.

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