FCA Places Veterans Wreath

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at Red River High School honored veterans last Thursday afternoon.  They placed a wreath at the plaque in the Courthouse that names all men and women from Red River who have given their lives in military service.

Nine students gathered after school and placed the wreath at the plaque.  Madison Castello said they play to leave it for a week to honor vets. The students said a prayer and reflected on the sacrifice they had made.

Students taking part in addition to Castello were Schelby Narvaez, Kaylee Creighton, Jayden Scott, Skye Davis, Isiash Demease, Keyanna Winn, Key’Aira Lewis, and Justin Johnson.

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Greg Moore met briefly with the students.  He pointed out a relative of his who had died for the country.  Moore told the FCA members, “I appreciate what you are doing for these men and women.”

There are about 30 members of FCA at Red River High.  Sponsors are Earl Martin and Nicole Bailey.

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