Making Preparations for the Census.

Our Constitution mandates a census be taken every 10 years.  The next one will be done next year, in 2020.  The Red River Parish Police Jury passed a resolution at the November meeting in support of the census effort.

At that meeting, the police jury heard from Bruce Boyea, a Partnership Specialist with the Census Bureau in New Orleans.  Boyea outlined the importance to local governments of getting an accurate count.

Boyea said, “Each year there is 675 billion dollars distributed among parishes (counties) and cities in this country and the distribution depends upon the count.  Red River Parish id fairly well in 2000 and 2010 but you are not getting your fair share of the federal money based upon results of the census.”

Among data collected, the Census Bureau looks at population demographics, who is employable, the median income.  Boyea said, “If information is not correct (about Red River) the parish could possibly miss on business locating here.  I can help you provide information to make the parish more attractive.”

The Census Bureau is hiring. Boyea said, “We want to hire local people for local enumerators.  These local jobs pay $13.00 plus per hour.  US citizens and green card holders over 18 are eligible to work for the census.

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