Pumpkin Decorating

The students at Red River Elementary and Riverdale Academy really got into the Halloween spirit this week.  They decorated and carved pumpkins. 

Red River Elementary posted, “Our teachers participated in our annual pumpkin decorating contest that the PAW Parents throw! We had some great pumpkins this year!
1st- baby shark, Mrs. Heather Wren’s pre-K class
2nd-rainbow fish, Mrs. Kelly’s pre-K-3 class
3rd-ice cream cones- Mrs. Kennedy’s kindergarten class!
1st won a pizza party and 2nd and 3rd both get snow cones!
Thanks so much to those who participated!

The pumpkins decorated at Riverdale Academy were proudly displayed in the main hall at the school.

The design and creativity of the kids is incredible.  Here are the photos form Red River Elementary School:


And here are the pumpkins carved by the kids at Riverdale Academy:

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