Edwards Campaign Swings Through on Halloween

Governor John Bel Edwards took advantage of the crowds gathered for the “Trick or Trunk” fall festival to make one of two campaign stops in Coushatta.  Earlier in the day, Edwards had made two campaign stops in Natchitoches and a stop in Alexandria.

The Journal spoke with the Governor during his walk through the crowd at the Will of God Ministries Trick or Trunk held on the campus of the old Coushatta Elementary school.  We asked the Governor for his evaluation of the race at this point.  Edwards expressed confidence, “I am very confident of the polls right now that have me over 50 percent, my opponent in the low 40s and the rest undecided.” Edwards added, “At the end of the day people have got to leave their homes and go vote.”

Edwards spoke of successes in his first term, “We’ve overcome the two-billion dollar deficit and we now have three consecutive surpluses even after a 600-million dollar tax cut last year.  It is because the economy is performing so much better.”  He termed it the biggest economy in the history of the state.  He said, Unemployment is the lowest in twelve years and the most personal income we’ve ever recorded.  We’ve got to keep that going.”

The governor took a jab at his opponent in the runoff.  “He has no vision for our state, he doesn’t know how state government works, he doesn’t know what he wants to do,” added Edwards.

Governor Edwards was welcomed by Coushatta Mayor Johnny Cox and State Representative Kenny Cox.  Mayor Cox introduced Edwards to many of the local citizens.  The sun was going down and the chilly breeze had everyone bundled up in winter coats. However, Edwards took time to have many pictures taken with parents and many children in their Halloween costumes.

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