Updating With Latest Technology

By Principal Shenell Deville

Red River Elementary School (RRES) is keeping up with the growing technology wave.  With increased and updated technology, teachers are able to support students in more rigorous ways, and students have many options to learn with the use of diverse tools in the classrooms.  Technology is being used in every classroom from Headstart to 5th grade. During the 2018-19 school year, Principal Shenell Deville began purchasing new Smartboards and Promethean Boards for teachers in the testing grades, which ranges from $2800-$3800 each. Most boards are wireless, and teachers are able to write and maneuver objects on the board with a digital pen or their hand.   The goal is to purchase a new board for every teacher in the school within the next 1 1/2 to 2 years. Headstart began with a Headstart with new digital boards in their classrooms. Yes, the 3- and 4- year olds are on the “technology wave” also. 

Federal Programs Director, Diane Newton purchased over 60 additional Chromebooks this school year, allowing for all K-5 classrooms to have a set of 12-20 Chromebooks (small laptops) for individual student use during the school day. Those are used to access Tier 1 Curriculums such as Zearn Math and Learnzillion Guidebooks. Students are also able to practice on other skills using programs such as Reading A-Z and Moby Max.  

In addition, Michelle Deville, Director of Special Education furnished all seven special education classrooms with iPads and/or Chromebooks. Students are also accessing virtual speech services through the use of a computer.  

We have more technology. RRES is weighing in on Science with 12 new digital scales for the Science Lab used in grades 3, 4, and 5.  

Students were rigorously engaged in investigating when mixtures become new substances.  They mixed oil, salt, water, and pepper together in various combinations and observed the properties. They weighed each mixture separately, compared and then gathered the combined weight. RRES is in the second year of implementing Ph.D Science, a Tier 1 state approved curriculum, and each unit in the curriculum calls for students to use some type of measuring device.  We did not have any digital scales for our science lab, and teachers and students are thrilled to continue equipping our lab with 21st century digital devices. 

With the support from the District Technology Staff, we are able to have options of the newest technology, best programs, and most cost-efficient ways to ensure all of students have access and our staff are well-trained to use the technology. RRES is thankful to all who donated by way of funding, time and support.

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