Domestic Abuse Awareness Event

By Hayley Loe

The Domestic Violence Awareness was held in the city park sponsored by the District Attorney’s office to help bring awareness to the community. This event held many activities for the whole family to enjoy. Some events included sack races, kickball, face paint, and many more. 

The DA’s office hopes that this event will bring much-needed awareness to domestic violence, along with the fact that they are here for the citizens of the community. Mayor Johnny Cox also spoke out about the importance of the event saying, “ I think it’s a well needed event that caters to the needs and well-being of the hurting people in our community, which is a plus and for those of them who put this event together how it’s all to them.”  He also hopes that the event will change things in the community.  “The number one priority is awareness and that will make the change or start the change, awareness is the key to eliminate or minimize the amount of violence in the community,” Cox said. He hopes that people will begin to understand awareness of domestic violence and hope to overcome if you’ve been a victim.

Mrs. Faye Hobley and Cayla Thompson ran the behavioral health table and believe that, “A lot of domestic violence is related to substance and drug abuse along with untreated mental health issues.”  She thinks that bringing awareness will help the community “ by decreasing the abuse, less arrest, mental issues not being treated which in turn will cause a healthier community.” 

The 4-H leader Jacque Fontenot  hopes the 4-H kids will learn the importance of leadership and giving back to the community. The PR officer Troy Murray who ran the drug impairment booth hopes that everyone sees that drugs affect the way people think or deal with other people because anybody impaired with drugs isn’t thinking clearly.  Susan Gallier thought the people at the event some easy ways to get out of being attacked. She hopes that people will take away the fact that awareness is 99.9% of safety along with being self-confident no matter what size you are there is always something you can do to protect yourself.  She will also be holding a self-defense class sometime soon for the holidays and hopes everyone comes to learn how to defend themselves. If you have any questions about Domestic abuse and how to report it please contact the DAs office.

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