“We Appreciate You”

The Red River Parish Police Jury held the annual Employee Appreciation Dinner this week.  They dined on steak, shrimp or fish dinners followed with cake and homemade banana pudding for desert.  Along the way, employees were thanked for their service to the citizens of Red River parish.

After everyone had their dinner, members of the jury expressed their thanks for the job they do.  Tray Murray thanked the employees and their spouses. Murray said, “It’s hard work and you never complain.”

Juror Brandon Hillman expressed his thanks, “Most of you are doing a thankless job, but I thank you because you make us look good.”

Vice President Ben Taylor included the office personnel.  Johnson complimented them, “Thanks for the excellent job you did putting together the Regional Meeting a short time ago.  And thanks to Larry Hughes and his road crews.  You make us look good.”

William Brown said, “You never hesitate to answer the call.”  Juror Jesse Davis added, “We appreciate each and every one of you.”  And Jury President Shawn Beard said, “I want to especially thank the crews that come out when we have a storm.  You pitch in and get the job done.”

Two employees of the were awarded plaques for their years of service.  Walter Henderson and Sonny Clark were presented ten year plaques.

The evening wrapped up with door prizes.  There were many given out ranging from merchandise to gift cards.  The grand prize, a $50 gift card, was won by Shirley Conley.

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