Incentive Grants to Teachers

Teachers in Red River schools are eligible for incentive grants for going the extra mile.  The program is based upon criteria for teacher performance and advanced educational training.

Superintendent Alison Hughes presented awards to each teacher.  Hugh said, “All achieved 60% or higher efficiency in their classrooms. It is a phenomenal achievement in light of the changes over the past few years that came down from the state education department.  We certainly commend each of you and appreciate everything you are doing in your classroom.

Teachers recognized were Tori Bamburg, Julie Innman (second year for the award), Dusty Duggins, Debbie Guidry, and Rachael Urda.

In addition, teacher Cristal Carpe, was recognized for obtaining an advanced degree.  Hughes said, “She recently completed her master’s degree in Educational Leadership.”  Carper is Assistant Principal at Red River Junior High.

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