Town Council Briefed By Autism Support Group

The Town Council received a briefing on the work of the area Autism Parent Support Group and an upcoming event.  Lela Harvey is President of Voices 4 Autism. 

Harvey appeared before the Town Council at the October meeting. She said, “I am here to inform you that Voices 4 Autism will hold training for first responders at NSU on October 26th.  We would like first responders to have an idea of what situation they may be facing when they respond to a residence with an autistic child.”

Harvey described an app under development to inform the 911 dispatcher of an autistic individual at an address of an emergency call.  She also displayed car tags and yard signs to be used to inform first responders.

After the meeting The Journal checked with local first responder agencies.  None of them had been informed that Voices 4 Autism was offering the training.  All said they would look into it.

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