A Scientific Leap Forward

By Shenell Deville, Principal at Red River Elementary.

Last month there was a $100 donation made to Red River Elementary School (RRES).  This donation allowed RRES to purchase 12 digital scales for the Science Lab used in grades 3, 4, and 5. 

Students are pictured in Mrs. Tiffany Williams 5th grade science class using the scales. Students were rigorously engaged in investigating when mixtures become new substances. 

They mixed oil, salt, water, and pepper together in various combinations and observed the properties. They weighed each mixture separately, compared and then gathered the combined weight. 

Red River Elementary is in the second year of implementing Ph.D Science, a Tier 1 state approved curriculum.  Each unit in the curriculum calls for students to use some type of measuring device.  We did not have any digital scales for our science lab, and teachers and students are thrilled to continue equipping our lab with 21st century digital devices. 

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